Missing Elderly Woman Found Frozen To The Ground In Tennessee Survives Ordeal

In a startling incident that has residents of Nashville, Tennessee, shell-shocked, a 74-year-old elderly woman was found frozen to the ground by a photographer out to take pictures of the snow.

According to NBC 26, photographer Kelly Sheldon was taking pictures in a town approximately 30 minutes outside of Nashville when he noticed an abandoned car stuck in ice. That's when an unusual sight caught his eye. He saw something lying next to the car and immediately figured out that it was a person. Upon closer inspection, he found that the woman was frozen to the ground -- but was miraculously still alive.

According to Kelly, the woman was wearing a brown coat and was sitting in a fetal position on a dirt bank, which caused her to blend in with the surroundings and made it difficult for passersby to spot her.

"I was going to come over here and get a picture of the car and the license plate just for the church to have in case they had any questions. She was lying right there against that dirt bank and she blended in, had a brown coat on and it looked just like the dirt," Sheldon explained to News 2.

According to Kelly, the elderly woman was found at around 9:30 a.m. local time when the temperature hovered around 12 degrees. Her hands were tucked inside her sweater while she was trying to cover the bottom of her face, signs that told him she was very cold. Immediately after noticing the elderly woman, he approached her and called her but did not get any response. To his amazement, he figured that the woman was still alive. However, when he tried to help her, she pushed him away. It later became evident to Seldon that the elderly woman was in a disoriented state and needed immediate help. He called up 911 and stayed with the woman until help arrived 10 minutes later.

Kelly later told Wish Tv, "She was frozen to the ground. Whenever we lifted her up, she was frozen to the ground."

The elderly woman was soon taken to a nearby hospital, police officials from Franklin confirmed. She was treated for hypothermia and was later released. Officials have only released the first name of the woman, who has been identified as Patricia. According to them, Patricia suffers from a brain dysfunction and was reported missing two days before she was found by Sheldon. The elderly woman's family have thanked Sheldon for helping their loved one.

The news about this elderly woman being frozen to the ground comes at a time when the Inquisitr has reported about several instances of children being left in the snow. In several such cases, they haven't been as lucky as the elderly woman in this incident.

[Image Via Wish TV/Kelly Sheldon]