Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Was Headed To Antarctica? Experts Say Plane Deliberately Flown Off Course

With the one-year anniversary of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappearance approaching, many experts are weighing in on where the plane may eventually be found. In a new documentary slated to be released on National Geographic this year, aviation experts claim that evidence suggests the plane was deliberately flown off course and was headed towards Antarctica.

In the documentary trailer above, we see the beginnings of the documentary, which discusses the “routine” behaviors of the pilots leading up to MH370’s disappearance. It is pointed out that MH370 vanished without further contact after making its last contact with air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft was then supposed to check-in with Vietnam air traffic controllers, but they never made the contact. Therefore, the Boeing 777, passengers, and crew of MH370 vanished without a trace. Almost a year later, not one piece of wreckage has been found from MH370.

The Daily Mail reports in more detail the information provided within the upcoming MH370 documentary. According to the report, aviation disaster experts claim that the satellite data from the lost flight suggests the plane was deliberately flown off course. It is noted that flight MH370 took three separate turns after cutting off communications with air traffic controls. The first turn was to the left and then two more additional turns took MH370 west and then south towards Antarctica.

Malcolm Brenner, a world’s leading expert in the causes of aviation disasters, says that evidence “strongly suggests” a pilot or someone familiar with flying the Boeing 777 deliberately took the plane off course towards Antarctica. The 777 requires pilots to input specific coordinates into the plane in order to change the route. Only a pilot or person familiar with the plane would be able to input these way-points or fly the plane with a stick.

The turns coming at the exact moment that the plane switched airspace also indicates someone familiar with aviation and the overseas contact systems between countries may have taken advantage of the situation. With the plane leaving one airspace and entering another, it would take longer for someone to realize the plane was missing as two different air traffic control systems would need to coordinate efforts.

What do you think of the idea that one of the pilots deliberately took MH370 off course towards Antarctica? What motive could the pilot have had for changing course without contacting air traffic control?