February 23, 2015
'Bachelor' Week 9 Spoilers: Becca Loses Her Virginity In The Fantasy Suite, Gets Final Rose?

Bachelor Chris Soules heads to the Fantasy Suite tonight, where Becca Tilley will finally tell him she is a virgin. Will she lose her virginity on the overnight date, making Chris her "first," or will she convince him that they should wait until their wedding night?

ABC released a preview of the Bachelor Episode 9 (watch video above) that shows Becca and Chris on a bed inside their luxurious suite in Bali. Chris stresses that intimacy is important to him, so finding out that Becca is a virgin will either be a deal breaker or make him even more attracted to her.

According to Us Weekly, Becca worries about telling Chris that she is a virgin during their pre-Fantasy Suite dinner. In an ITM, she nervously talks about what will happen if she stays the night with Chris.

"I know there will be kissing... I'm not naive to think that won't happen... there's temptation..."

"I'm crazy about you, everything about you is something I can see in someone I wanna spend the rest of my life with," Chris tells Becca as he presents her with the key to the room.

With a very important rose at stake on the overnight dates, Becca decides to join Chris in the romantically-appointed room that has a whirlpool tub full of roses and a canopy-topped bed.

It's the perfect setting for telling the man who may become her husband that she's never slept with another man. Chris has shown to be understanding in all situations, including Jade's big reveal that she posed nude for Playboy, so it won't surprise fans to find out that he is very sweet to Becca when talks to him about her virginity.

Does Becca end up sleeping with Chris in the Fantasy Suite? There is no doubt that they slept together in the same bed, but that doesn't mean they had sex. Cameras are not in the room, so no one will know for sure, but Reality Steve states that she went in the suite as a virgin and her virginity was still in tact when she left in the morning.

The big question is, does Chris want to be Becca's first and can he picture her as his wife? Although he says that he's "crazy" about her, he also said that to Whitney and Kaitlyn.

With little experience in the intimacy department and the pressure of moving to a tiny town with a man she's only dated a few times, even Becca could be having second thoughts about making a long-term commitment.

Obviously, things went well during Becca's overnight stay because Chris ends up giving her a rose. However, he also gave one to Whitney and they also have a very strong connection. While no one is quite sure if Becca lost her virginity in the Fantasy Suite, it's highly likely that Chris and Whitney — to quote Nick Viall — "made love" during her overnight date.

Spoilers indicate that Kaitlyn also spent the night with Chris, but he ends up sending her home after shacking up in the suite. Becca and Whitney will pack up their roses and travel back to Iowa for the Bachelor season finale that airs March 9.

Do you think Becca's virginity helped or hurt her chances to win the final rose?

[Image: ABC]