Sadie Robertson Looks Stunning In Her New ‘Daddy Approved’ Dress Line

Sadie Robertson comes from a very conservative family, as seen on the reality show Duck Dynasty. When Sadie revealed that she would be creating a dress line, her fans were wondering if they would be “daddy approved.”

On Thursday, February 19, Sadie debuted her second collection of dresses at gown designer Sherri Hill’s fashion show. The show occurred during New York Fashion Week, and Sadie even took to the catwalk herself.

“I love to collaborate with Sherri Hill because they are a family just like Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander,” Robertson told People Magazine. “Most people don’t realize this, but the whole family works together in the business. They are super nice people. Mrs. Sherri does an amazing job really capturing my message of ‘living original.’ We just make a good match.”

And the best thing about the dresses… they are approved by Sadie’s overprotective dad, CEO of their family business Duck Commander, Willie Robertson, according to E! News.

“Sadie’s Collection is a daddy-approved collection. All about modesty, trying to keep everything covered up.”

“The Sadie Robertson Live Original collection by Sherri Hill is retro inspired, has ‘Willie approved’ dress lengths and has something for every prom girl,” Hill’s company said in a statement before the release of Sadie’s first dress launch for spring 2014.

Sadie took to the stage to model two different dresses during Thursday’s show. The first, a short blue dress with an embellished bodice with pockets, and the second was a full-length gown with a crystal waistband. Robertson explained that she loves to model and hopes to continue doing so as long as she can stay true to who she is.

“I would love to continue to model it just depends on what opportunities I get,” Robertson said. “Of course, I want to always stay true to who I am and make sure in everything I do God is getting the glory. If modeling is one of those things that keeps presenting itself to me I would love to do it and continue to get more involved.”

Robertson also took to Instagram to post a photo of herself backstage before the show.

“So extremely blessed to be a Sherri hill model & get to walk in New York fashion week. Praising God for all the many opportunities. ALL glory to God. Walking for him -pics to come,” she captioned the photo.

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[Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images]