February 23, 2015
Are 2015 MacBook Air And Apple Watch About To Be Officially Announced?

The new Retina MacBook Air and Apple Watch may be announced sooner than most people thought, according to recent reports.

The Motley Fool reports on the MacBook Air and Apple Watch's upcoming announcement.

"Over the past several weeks, the online media has been buzzing with news that Apple will hold one of its highly anticipated product launch events in next few weeks. Details vary depending on the report, but the general consensus is that Apple will use the event to unveil an updated MacBook Air and also an update on the forthcoming Apple Watch."

Apple has sold millions of both the current 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the MacBook Air and MacWorld UK has recently revealed what we can expect for the much-hyped MacBook Air upgrade.

"Reports suggest the new model will feature a faster processor and some new memory and storage options. The Broadwell chipset that is likely to feature in this new model was finally unveiled at CES in January. It is expected that the new MacBook Air will sport a radical new and thinner design."

The MacBook Air has competition from Dell's new XPS 13, a device that some are calling a MacBook Air killer. Business Insider gave the XPS 13 a glowing review.

"Dell's newest XPS 13 laptop is so excellent it persuaded me to give up my personal MacBook for Windows 8 for a week. The XPS 13 is light, gorgeous, and works well. If you want a Windows machine that's just as good, and perhaps better than, the MacBook Air, this is the laptop to buy."

It's pretty obvious that Apple is going to officially announce the Apple Watch along with the new MacBook Air. Some say the new watch will be useless, but Wired believes the Apple Watch could help you take charge of your health.

"Looking at its hardware, the Apple Watch might not seem all that different from other wearables: a touchscreen display, a heart rate sensor, haptic feedback for taps and notifications, a mic for voice controls. Even so, it is poised to have a major impact on connected health management. As with the iPhone, it's the software that will move the needle."

Unlike the Apple Watch, the updated MacBook Air, especially with a Retina screen, is a guaranteed hit with Apple consumers. Originally released in 2008, every MacBook Air upgrade has been a huge seller. Are you going to purchase the new MacBook Air? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by Daryl Deino]