February 23, 2015
Jayda Johnson: Two-Year-Old Left With Permanent Scars After Allergic Reaction To Hydrocolloid Plaster

Jayda Johnson, a two-year-old girl from Essex, U.K. faces the risk of being scarred for life following an allergic reaction to a hydrocolloid plaster applied to her shoulder after a minor cut. According to Yahoo! UK, Jayda's father, Daniel Johnson, decided to put plaster from a pack of Savlon hydrocolloid dressings on Jayda's shoulder after she got a cut. To his horror, the next day he found that the plaster had triggered a terrible allergic reaction on Jayda and that it had caused burn marks on her skin. In fact, it looked like the plaster had "burned" through Jayda's skin. Daniel had originally planned to leave the plaster on for a week -- as recommended by the instructions on the packaging. The incident happened on January 26, but has come to light only now, reports BT.

The next day, Johnson realized that the allergic reaction had caused Jayda's entire right shoulder and part of her back to become inflamed. He opened up the plaster to find that it had caused terrible blisters that caused her skin to "burn." Little Jayda is visibly upset and the scars have affected her badly says 31-year-old Daniel.

"I put it on Sunday morning and then when I took it off on Monday when she got home from nursery I noticed it had burned her massively. 'It seemed to be burning into her skin. The packet said to leave it on for four to seven days. I'm terrified that if I had left it on for the full seven days it would've burned down to the bone."
It is unclear what has caused the terrible allergic reaction in Jayda when hydrocolloid plasters are usually known to be very safe. Ironically, the packaging on the product says that its application will "help prevent scarring" and "promote faster healing."
"It's definitely affected her, she's fully aware of it and it looks terrible to be honest."
After realizing the seriousness of the allergic reaction on Jayda, Daniel took her to a doctor on January 27, where it was found that the wound had become infected. Following this discovery, she was advised to take a course of antibiotics and was told see a nurse every two days to have her dressing changed.

Jayda Johnson, tw year old allergic reaction

Meanwhile, Jayda Johnson's family have written to Novartis Consumer Health, the company that owns Savlon, to complain about what happened. A Novartis spokesperson has responded to the letter as well.

"We aware of the recent case where a patient experienced a skin reaction on the application site of Savlon Hydrocolloid dressing. 'Patient safety is our highest priority. 'As with any NCH product, we are monitoring and investigating this adverse event and have informed the local health authority."

The Inquisitr has, in the past, reported about terrible allergic reactions caused by usually safe simple medical procedures.

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