February 23, 2015
#GimmeFive YouTube Video Shows President Obama And First Lady Michelle Riffing About A Lost Tie, Getting Exercise [Video]

The new video titled #GimmeFive for Let's Move's 5th Anniversary uploaded to the White House's YouTube page on February 23 is already drawing plenty of views and comments, perhaps because it's as scripted -- if not as well-acted -- as that latest leaked script from Keeping Up With the Kardashians wherein Kris Jenner bangs on Kim Kardashian's door and demands Kim let her in to recover her stolen cookware. Alas, in the #GimmeFive video, Mrs. Obama begins speaking to the camera about the fifth anniversary of her "Let's Move" campaign, and President Obama wanders in, asking Michelle where he can find his blue tie.

What's most evident in the #GimmeFive video is the aging look of the president, with his graying hair and looser jowls. Yet and still, as President Obama flashes back to five ways that he can "gimme five" to Michelle -- that is, five ways to get moving and remain healthy -- Mr. Obama's quick wit and spryness is also evident in the video vignette, wherein the president flashes back to himself playing basketball, jogging up the stairs to Air Force One, and all other such "moving" efforts.

As Mrs. Obama talks about the big anniversary coming up, President Obama does the obvious, hackneyed, "Uh oh, did I forget our wedding anniversary?" type of line. Seriously, a run at the Obama translator named Luther from Key and Peele would've been better than this script. Anyway, once the Commander in Chief discovers he's not in the dog house for a forgotten wedding anniversary celebration, he's all onboard with the Let's Move fifth anniversary, and in a "deus ex machina" of God-like screenwriting trick, finds his blue tie right there on the floor in front of the First Couple, quipping that bending down to get his tie is halfway to a pushup, as reported by the Daily Mail.

In the end, Mrs. Obama urges folks to tweet, Facebook, Instagram and use all other means of social media to pepper it with the #GimmeFive hashtag to alert the world on five ways they move around. This reporter, who is enamored with fitness topics that help folks get fit and not suffer an Iggy Azalea type of bikini cellulite brouhaha, as reported by the Inquistr, can think of five #GimmeFive ways to stay fit right off the bat: Climbing more than 100 stories on the PowerMill, boot camp classes, shoveling snow, hitting that steel and housework.

[Image via #GimmeFive YouTube video]