February 23, 2015
Weird News: Unfortunate Bridge Jumper Lands In Police Car

In weird news, a man who thought he was going to say "screw the law" found himself falling into a police car. But the way it happened is the kicker — or jumper.

As funny or weird as this news may seem, this is no ordinary story. Interestingly, it seemed that the guy was not your typical base-jumper. Normally, the parachute is packed, right? Not for this man. It was already deployed and dangling beneath the bridge as he stood there.

As bizarrely started as that may have been, prior to the jump, the man interviewed with his cameraman. Turns out, the man was actually nervous about making the jump, even while apparently intoxicated. Understandable? It seemed to be a long way down.

In the video, he states as follows.

"I'm going to do a rollover. I was gonna free-fall, but I got scared. I'm going to throw the chute over, then I'm gonna roll over it."
Well, as fate would have it — as they were setting up — a police officer pulled up. Speaking through his vehicle's exterior system as he's coming to a stop, the officer advises them in a straight-forward way to cease.
"Don't even think about it. Pull your crap back up, right now."
[caption id="attachment_1868472" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Weird News - Officer Approaches Man On Bridge As He Gets Ready To Jump Credits: YouTubeThe Bridge Jumper has a little trouble getting situated before getting stable enough to make the jump.[/caption]

Weirdly enough, the man laughs but tells the cameraman that they're going to continue with the plan.

"We're so busted! Okay, I'm gonna do it anyways."
Seeming like news to the camera guy, he says "Oh... okay" and continues filming. While the officer is parked in the road on this two-laned bridge, he approaches the man and says calmly, "You're under arrest if you jump." The officer actually appeared to be a little amused.

[caption id="attachment_1868394" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Officer Approaches Man On Bridge Credits: YouTubeWeird News: Officer arrests man who jumps off a bridge. He gave a warning that he would be under arrest if he jumped.[/caption]

Well, the man figured that he was already under arrest just for being on the bridge like that anyway. However funny, the officer rebuttals and let's him know that he wouldn't arrest him but would just send him on his way — if he didn't jump, that is.

Good news from the officer, right? Contrarily, the tells the policeman that he's sorry and just has to do it. Afterwards, he somersaults off the bridge while his parachute reacts accordingly. In expedience, the lawman hops in his vehicle and heads down to meet him at the bottom, as promised.

The cameraman yells down to him, "You did that buddy!... Now you're going to jail..."

What do you think about this weirdly funny news piece? Would you have jumped as well? Would you have been up there in the first place?

[Feature Image and Video via YouTube]