Has Justin Bieber Qualified As A Lay Preacher To Preach At Hillsong LA Church? [UPDATED]

Update: The Sunday World’s false claim has been slammed by a slew of Hillsong Church heads and a PR company. On Wednesday, February 25, Lyall Mercer, head of Mercer PR which handles media for Hillsong Australia, tweeted:

Lyall then tweeted a message from Brian Houston, who is the co-founder of the original Hillsong Church in Australia.

Replying to the official Twitter account of Pirate Christian radio, Mercer wrote:

The pirate radio station account then tweeted:

Original article:

An Irish tabloid claims Justin Bieber is planning to “preach to the masses” at Hillsong Los Angeles Church as a part-time televangelist in a televised series.

Sounds like total nonsense? Then you’ll probably raise cynical eyebrows over The Sunday World’s second claim that Bieber has qualified as a lay preacher after “an intensive, three-month bible study course.”

This story follows recent, verified reports that Hillsong Los Angeles Church signed up with top Hollywood talent agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Ltd. (WME).

The tabloid alleges Bieber intends to “help boost ratings” by “reading sermons,” and “even appealing for donations on camera” in a “prime time small screen slot on Sundays with two networks” that Hillsong L.A. is allegedly negotiating with the aid of WME.

The Sunday World claims the singer said Hillsong Church has “transformed” his life. The context being Bieber’s year-and-a-half plus of headline-attracting incidents and legal woes.

While it remains to be seen whether or not this latest Bieber rumor is true or — like many others, a work of fiction — it is undeniable that the singer has formed close ties within the Hillsong community.

Justin Bieber and Pastor Carl Lentz At Hillsong NYC Church in 2013

Hillsong Los Angeles and New York City are offshoots of the Pentecostal Hillsong church, which was founded in Australia in 1983 by married pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, and Frank Houston. The church is known for its energized, contemporary music-accompanied services, which reportedly draws thousands in 11 countries each week, as well as famous attendees.

Previously, Bieber and his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, were spotted at the Los Angeles church. The Canadian singer has also been seen many times at the NYC site, sometimes with models Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner. Spring Breakers star Vanessa Hudgens and Glee star Lea Michelle have also been seen at the L.A. location.

Hillsong NYC Church was launched by Brian and Bobbie Houston’s son, Joel, and Pastor Carl Lentz. Lentz — often called the hipster or punk pastor — previously said he is a friend and spiritual adviser to Bieber. The pair have known each other since 2008. In September 2013, after a Hillsong NYC service, the then 19-year-old star tweeted that he “broke down” in a sermon given by Lentz.

In October 2014, the Biebs stayed at the pastor’s family home in New Jersey for about two weeks and attended church daily along with bible study classes.

Meanwhile, following the superstar’s recent apology video — in which he owned up to past “arrogant” and “conceited” behavior — Bieber has been on something of a prank-fest while appearing numerous times on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

On Tuesday night, Bieber was seen pranking an old lady at a bowling alley on ABC’s new hidden camera show, Repeat After Me. He is also heading into his Comedy Central Roast, which airs on March 30. The singer will face a lineup of comics including the Roast Master Kevin Hart, Hannibal Buress, Jeff Ross, and other comedians who are yet to be named.

A full plate then. It’s a wonder Bieber found the time to allegedly qualify as a lay preacher.

The Inquisitr has reached out to Bieber’s rep for comment on this story, which, at present, is based on a dubious tabloid’s claim made without named, credible sources.

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