K9 Police Dog Bites Dunkin’ Donuts Employee, Is Promptly Taking Off Force – You Don’t Mess With Donuts

A member of the elite K9 team, Renzo, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois attacked a Dunkin’ Donuts employee. His actions ensured instant dismissal from the K9 team.

It’s an old but firmly held believe that you do not mess with a police officer’s donut. Well, this dog messed with the source and was promptly penalized by being thrown off the force. The incident happened late last week, when Officer Carl DiBlasi had parked his car in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot.

A 53-year-old veteran, DiBlasi had his K9 companion Renzo, who was sitting beside him in the passenger seat, when a sergeant rolled-in and started petting the dog through the open window of DiBlasi’s police vehicle. However, for unknown reasons, Renzo lunged out at the female sergeant. Despite the female officer trying to contain her, the dog then jumped out the window and began to charge a third officer.

A stunned DiBlasi kept on screaming the dog’s name and the command (“fuey!”) for incorrect behavior, but Renzo was a possessed dog that day, who continued on with his rampage. The dog eventually spied a Dunkin’ Donuts employee who had just driven-in and was reaching into his vehicle for his work apron. Sensing danger the employee attempted to jump in his car, but owing to the K9 training, Renzo was just too fast.

Before the Dunkin’ Donuts employee could react, Renzo had already bitten on his leg at least four times, leaving wounds two to three inches long, on his right calf and shin, reported the Sun Sentinel. Renzo eventually snapped onto the leg of the donut company’s employee and refused to let go. The officer had to pry the dog off the man, “after less than a minute of struggling.”

Astonishingly, this isn’t the first time Renzo has launched an unprovoked attack. In November, the dog bit another officer multiple times during a search for a suspect. The previous owner of the dog apparently knew of the “former viciousness” yet the dog was still allowed out in public. The negligence surrounding this case is simply appalling.


Despite the ferociousness of the dog and a law that allows such dogs to be out down, Florida law specifically exonerates police dogs. The police and their dogs seem to have gained a notoriety of taking out animals with impunity.

As for Renzo, since he is protected by the State of Florida, the dog is merely suspended from his duties as a K9 officer.

[Image Credit | Coconut Creek Police]