February 23, 2015
Bethenny Frankel Talks Daughter Bryn And Business Success

Bethenny Frankel is admired by many, especially by women who want to create successful businesses. Frankel created a low-calorie cocktail drink and fought her way through the liquor industry, which is primarily dominated by men. But Bethenny knew what she wanted. She ended up selling her business for millions and is now a role model for many.

This weekend, Bethenny Frankel was in Miami where she represented her business at an event. And she offered up some business advice in an interview, which encourages other business owners to keep pushing forward with their ideas. Frankel had no problem dishing what mentality she has in business, and Bethenny even shared what advice she would give her daughter, Bryn.

According to a new IndyStar report, Bethenny Frankel reveals that she isn't insecure when it comes to creating new products. This is because Bethenny isn't concerned about people being smarter than her, and outthinking her.

"You never assume anyone is smarter than you. It doesn't mean that you run around thinking everyone's an idiot, it just means you don't assume anyone is smarter — it could be your travel agent, it could be a doctor, it could be all the people in the liquor business that told me that Skinnygirl was not a good idea until I proved it was. If you feel something, than you're feeling it for a reason and you've got to explore it," Frankel reveals, encouraging people to pursue what they want in life.

Of course, Skinnygirl Cocktails was not Bethenny Frankel's first business venture. She had a business where she baked cookies and drove them around the city prior to joining The Real Housewives of New York. Frankel has undeniable experience, and she plans on paying it forward to her daughter, Bryn.

"Not to worry so much, to do what you love, be passionate about it. I have a lot of fear-based motivation — I don't want my child to have that. All roads lead to Rome, you may get derailed or do something differently but if you're passionate and driven you'll get there. I don't know where she wants to go — probably Disneyland right now — but it's about doing it your own way. Be fearless," Bethenny Frankel shares about her daughter.

But Frankel has also found success because of her outspoken personality. According to the Inquisitr, Bethenny Frankel has no problem calling people out when she finds something to be funny or inappropriate. Just last night while watching the Oscars, she had no problem calling the show strange.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel's success?

[Image via Bravo]