'Clash Of Clans' Update: Fourth And Final Sneak Peek

Over the weekend, Supercell has released a new sneak peek for Clash of Clans. Today, the last teaser went up. Unlike the previous three, this last sneak peek was not followed by the customary, "Next sneak peek tomorrow, same time same place."

Look for the Clash of Clans update soon.

First, a quick recap of the previous sneak peeks. On Friday, Anoushka, a Supercell Staff member, posted the first peek in the forums. It in included a picture unveiling new level 13 cannons and a forum exclusive tidbit that healers will no longer trigger air traps.

On Saturday, fans awoke to the news that clan badges will soon have the ability to be customized. The forum exclusive teaser was that deploying troops will no longer be prevented by tapping on obstacles or decorations. Inquisitr reported on the second sneak peak and a possible leak of alleged update content.

On Sunday, it was revealed that Clash of Clans will be getting an opt-in or opt-out option for clan wars. Players can choose whether they participate in the fighting or not. Other clan members will be able to see your decision, though, so choose wisely. The other sneak peak released yesterday was that players will be able to "see a preview image of any player's Village from their profile, without having to visit."

Supercell has been posting the sneak peeks on the Clash of ClansFacebook and Twitter, as well.

Finally, this morning Anoushka posted the fourth sneak peek in the forums. Clans will be leveling up.

"Clans are leveling up! Level up your clan and earn perks, prestige and fancy badges! Introducing Clan Perks!"
Clans will now be able to earn perks as they level up. Supercell did not want to disappoint with this last peek; the Clash of Clans creators also released a picture listing the current Clan Perks.

List of current clan perks.

Alright, Clans fans that was the last of the sneak peeks for the February update. Some forum goers are speculating that the update may be released as early as tomorrow. In any case, players should expect new content for the game very soon.

It doesn't look like we will be getting Town Hall Level 11 with this update. That just gives us more time to work on our walls.

Has the sneak peeks held any surprises for you? Is there anything that you would like to see included in Clash of Clans that hasn't been announced?

[Photo Courtesy of Supercell]