Man Visits Dentist After 10 Years: Shocking Plaque Build-Up Will Make You Cringe [Video]

A viral YouTube video of a jaw-dropping visit to the dentist has resurfaced on several social media sites. The footage shows what one man’s plaque buildup looked like after 10 years of skipping dental visits. The revolting, one-minute video starts off with a view of the man’s mouth before the dentist gets to work.

The thick, yellowish plaque covers the majority of his teeth. Only a small portion of the man’s original enamel color can be seen because the plaque buildup appears to be thicker than his teeth. As the dentist uses a tool to begin removing the plaque buildup, it looks like the man’s teeth are falling apart because of the unbelievably thick buildup surrounding his teeth and gums.

The video, uploaded by a YouTube user named Campbpar, also has a lengthy description with a detailed overview of Katsu’s dental visit. Apparently, he is an avid smoker and lover of Japanese cuisine. The video description also stresses the importance of flossing to reduce plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum disease.

“Katsu shows up last visit with a decade of calcite and plaque built up due to authentic Japanese cuisine, smoking, and having never flossed. Plaque that is not removed can harden into tartar, a hard mineral deposit that forms on teeth and can only be removed through professional cleaning by a dental professional. When this happens, brushing and cleaning between teeth become more difficult, and gum tissue can become swollen or may bleed. This condition is called gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. Flossing helps remove debris and interproximal dental plaque, the plaque that collects between two teeth. Dental floss (or dental tape) helps clean these hard-to-reach tooth surfaces and reduces the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay.”

Katsu’s dental visit has gone viral with more than one million views! Hopefully, his jaw-dropping plaque build-up encourages viewers to take care of their teeth!

[Image via YouTube]