Leaked ‘GTA V’ Images Suggest Fewer Heists For Current-Gen Editions

Some leaked images from Grand Theft Auto V have surfaced, suggesting that the last-gen version of GTA V will have more heist missions than the current-gen and PC versions.

The images come via Twitter user Funmw4, who claims to have pulled the images from the Rockstar Cloud. While no official word exists on their authenticity, they certainly look to have come from GTA V.

Funmw4 claims to be looking in GTA’s“heist_planning” folder on Rockstar’s cloud, even providing a link in a tweet, though the link now directs to a “404” error page. However, the images look legit and beg the question: Is this Rockstar’s way of thanking those who have stuck with GTAOnline since the initial launch in 2013?

If earlier reports are proven true, GTA fans can expect to see some official news on online heists as early as this week. Last week, reports circulated that the launch date for GTA Online heist missions will be February 27, though again, no official word from Rockstar Games has come down the pike. We do know that the heist missions should be released before the launch of the PC version of GTA V, but other than that it’s pure speculation.

Heists have been something that fans of GTA V have wanted online since the missions were played during the single-player campaign. These missions provide a challenge and a quick shot of adrenaline to any involved, and rewards depending on how well you perform your mission. In addition, heists in GTA V provide multiple ways to complete the mission, making each play through fresh and different from the last.

For players interested in making the jump from console to GTA V on PC, as reported by the Inquisitr, Rockstar has announced there would be fewer restrictions placed on transferring to GTA V on PC. This may cause some players to jump to the PC, which is setting itself up to be the best version of GTA V yet, as Rockstar will allow more than one transfer per account, as well as being able to transfer data to their PC version, regardless of the previous GTA platform they played upon.

While the leaked heists images whet the appetite of some fans of GTA V, players will still have to wait to see if these rumors are true. Keep it locked on the Inquisitr as we will report once Rockstar announces anything officially regarding the extra GTA Online heists.

[Image via GTA V]