As Kate Middleton Prepares Royal Nursery, Sexy Granny Carole May Become Supernanny After Kate’s Staff Quits [Video]

Kate Middleton has become noticeably pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped the Duchess of Cambridge from what she regards as her essential royal duties. And for both Princess Kate and Prince William, that means focusing on non-profit charity organizations, reported Christian Today.

Most recently, Kate met with sick children at the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, then focused on Cape Hill Children’s Centre, which helps families in need.

In addition, Princess Kate created a rare video to show her support for movements against bullying, shown below.

And although the Duchess of Cambridge was focused on giving back, the public was focused on her hairstyle, which she transformed into a knotted up-do that revealed her grey hairs. Kate may be waiting until after the baby is born to dye her hair.

But as to what’s causing those early grey hairs? Two of her royal staff just suddenly quit, according to the Daily Mail.

After spending about four months at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, Amy Wood and her husband Colin resigned, leaving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to seek replacements. The Queen gave William and Kate the royal estate, and Amy had focused on housekeeping chores for the 10-bedroom mansion while her husband tended the garden.

Local residents revealed that they were surprised to learn that the staff had resigned from the estate, which Kate’s mother Carole Middleton frequently visited.

“It looks as if William and Kate will have to find another housekeeper and gardener. I guess they’ll want to get staff in place before the new baby arrives,” said one local.

With just a few months until her baby is due, what will pregnant Kate do? It may be time to call in Granny Carole Middleton, who helped out when baby George was born, reported Hello.

At 60, Carole is known for staying in fabulous shape, and Kate, William, and George stayed at her Berkshire family home after the baby was born. That move provided both help from Carole and time for Prince William to use his paternity leave to form a close relationship with his new son.

Now that Prince George is older, Carole still enjoys spending time with her grandson. The two even visit the local market together.

Kate will reportedly give birth near the end of April. She and Prince William will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on April 29. But if the baby is born earlier, he or she might even share Queen Elizabeth’s 88th birthday on April 21.

As to whether it’s a boy or girl, Prince William isn’t the one to ask, as the Inquisitr reported. He confessed that when George was born, he wasn’t sure.

“I remember when George was born, I forgot to work out whether it was a boy or a girl. The excitement of the event and everything else was just chaos. You are suddenly… well actually it’s a boy.”

[Photo By Oli Scarff/Getty Images]