February 23, 2015
Jamie Dornan Quits 'Fifty Shades,' Blames Co-Star For Lackluster Performance [Rumor]

The saying goes, "Happy wife, happy life." Jamie Dornan apparently lives by this rule. Jamie has hung up his whips and cable ties and will allegedly not be reprising his role as the kinky billionaire in further Fifty Shades of Grey sequels.

This rumor was born out of an interview Dornan gave with an Australian magazine. The reason behind Jamie's departure? His wife, actress Amelia Warner, is reportedly none too fond of the many racy sex scenes between Dornan and co-star Dakota Johnson, the Irish Mirror reported, quoting an insider.

"Jamie said the movie would skyrocket his career … He tried to assure Amelia nothing would change but women all over the world now lust after Jamie. She hasn't seen the film and I don't think she will to be honest."
Dornan isn't the only one calling it quits. Other key players in the Fifty Shades franchise are dropping like flies. A contentious and apparently quite toxic relationship between the trilogy's author, E.L. James – who wanted even more sex in the movie – and director Sam Taylor-Johnson has caused the director to bow out as well, according to the Inquisitr.

Universal has already green-lighted the sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed – sans Jamie Dornan, apparently - and James has been throwing around demands that she write the sequels.

Amid that less-than-stellar partnership are Dornan's claims that his lackluster performance in Fifty Shades wasn't really his fault, but Dakota's. The Mirror quotes an insider to explain.

"Jamie does not think his performance was bad – instead he blames Dakota and says it wasn't possible to have chemistry with her. (Jamie) says Dakota gave him nothing to work with."
But that hasn't stopped Fifty Shades from dominating at the box office – and the ladies from lusting after Dornan.

Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson made headlines after the Oscars for her rather awkward confrontation over Fifty Shades with her mother, actress Melanie Griffith. Evidently, her mom doesn't feel comfortable watching her daughter get naked with Jamie Dornan on screen, the New York Daily News reported.

"You don't have to see it. I think it's okay. It's a movie," Johnson snipped.

The Daily News theorized that Johnson was still stinging from her post-Fifty Shades split from her boyfriend. Perhaps he had a problem watching his girlfriend roll around with Jamie, too.

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