Jennifer Aniston Squeezes Emma Stone’s Butt, Chrissy Teigen Flaunts Underwear At Odd Oscars [Video]

Oddness reigns on the red carpet sometimes, and between Jennifer Aniston’s decision to squeeze Emma Stone’s butt, and Christy Teigen’s belief that underwear was a good choice, the Oscars 2015 showed off Hollywood’s stranger side. And for some stars, the decision to flaunt their fearless attitude toward what people might think added some sparkle to the sometimes boring Academy Awards, pointed out Hollywood Life.

Jennifer showed off her yoga muscles by tightly squeezing her pal Emma. But then Aniston apparently decided that a certain part of Stone’s anatomy was just too irresistible to resist.

So she gave into temptation, picked up her friend, and grabbed her butt.

While Aniston focused on a friend’s derriere, supermodel Chrissy Teigen was apparently obsessed with her own. And she wanted to clarify to the world that although she’s previously admitted she prefers going commando, the wife of John Legend had decided to defy her own convention and wear underwear to the Oscars, reported the New York Daily News.

While other celebrities used their Academy Award interviews to discuss ultra-chic dress designers and name-drop luxury gemstones, Chrissy just wanted to pose in her panties.

“I do have underwear on tonight. I’m very proud of myself,” boasted the supermodel.

As to why she normally skips the underwear?

“I just don’t like it,” declared Chrissy.

As for her husband John’s views on Chrissy’s outspoken tendencies, he’s used to it. She recently got so happy when he won at the Golden Globes that her “cry face,” as she called it, went viral, as the Inquisitr reported.

John’s Golden Globe was for his original song with Common for the movie Selma. During his acceptance of the award, Legend got abandoned by cameras in favor of supermodel Chrissy. And Teigen, as she humorously tweeted, just had to burst into joyful sobs.

“Sorry I don’t practice my cry face okay,” Chrissy tweeted. “It’s been 5 minutes and I’m a meme.”

Watch below to see what you think.

However, Teigen’s decision to wear underwear at the Oscars has not become a meme – yet.

But she, along with many others, was moved when her husband and Common also sang their song “Glory,” which won an Oscar. The duo’s best original song statuette was from Selma, a biopic based on Martin Luther King.

It’s only fair to add, while referring to Teigen’s derriere decision history, that Aniston also has her own backend story. She previously earned attention for squeezing Kate Hudson’s tush at the Golden Globes, which she admits she found “irresistible” below.

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