February 23, 2015
Julie Andrews Couldn’t Believe Lady Gaga’s Oscar Performance of 'Sound of Music'

Julie Andrews really couldn't believe the performance Lady Gaga gave at the 87th Academy Awards, and neither could anyone else. The singer performed a medley of songs from Sound of Music as a tribute as it celebrates its 50th anniversary next week. Everyone ended up on their feet at the end, with Andrews taking the stage to congratulate the young singer.

Gaga's performance of Climb Every Mountain and My Favorite Things was the highlight of the whole night; and the most shocking. She performed the classics with perfect diction, imitating Julie from her younger days. It left the Oscar-winning actress almost in tears, as she told Lady Gaga just how proud she was.

Shortly after, Twitter was bombarded with updates from celebrities and fans of the singer. Larry King admitted that he was extremely shocked at her performance, while Folkster admitted that it was finally shocked at something she had done. Paris Hilton was impressed at how beautiful the singing was, along with how beautiful she looked.

Julie Andrews was reading out the winner of the next award after Lady Gaga's performance. She used that chance to thank the singer, and Metro noted how she was clearly moved by the performance. Andrews continued to say how it seems unbelievable that 50 years has gone by so quickly. The musical is still the most popular to date.

Fans should not be that surprised by the voice that Lady Gaga has. She has always said that she was classically trained, and she admitted that she was very proud to sing the songs. These songs, originally performed by Julie, changed music and film "forever."

It is also not the first time she has changed her singing style. Despite previously being known for the likes of "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance," she recently released "Cheek to Cheek" with Tony Bennett. Her whole style has changed over recent months, too. She has ditched the vibrant, head-turning clothes for timeless, elegant numbers. All of this came just before her announced engagement to actor Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga certainly shocked many at Sunday night's Oscars with her performance of Sound of Music. It was possibly a risky move, but she pulled it off and showed off her impressive vocal abilities. Nobody was more shocked and proud than the original singer, Julie Andrews, who took to the stage to thank and hug the singer afterwards.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]