February 23, 2015
Bill Gates Sets New World Order Conspiracy Theories On Fire With Global Government Quote

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates may be the the richest man in the world, but he apparently envisions a global government as a goal for the future. This prospect has New World Order conspiracy theorists buzzing about the potential for the one world government being pushed by the Gates Foundation.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Brazil's Eike Batista managed to go from one of the world's richest men to the very first negative billionaire within a period of only several years. Some New World Order conspiracy theories claim the Illuminati devil horns were spotted at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

There are many Bill Gates conspiracy theories. One of the oldest was the claim about a hidden code in Microsoft Windows that secretly proclaimed Gates' identity as the bible's anti-Christ. Gates had many buzzing when it came to his comments on viral vaccines and human depopulation throughout the world. Another popular conspiracy theory was the idea that Gates funded a Sierra Leone bioweapons lab which created the Ebola outbreak.

While these ideas are not with any merit, it does not take a New World Order conspiracy theory to see where Bill Gates is going with these comments about the failure of the United Nations.

"You can make fun of it, but in truth it was sad how the conference in Copenhagen is run, how individual who behave like the UN system failed.... Take the UN, it has been created especially for the security in the world. We are ready for war, because we have taken every precaution. We have NATO, we have divisions, jeeps, trained people," Bill Gates said according to the Huffington Post. "But what is with epidemics? How many doctors do we have as much planes, tents, what scientists? If there were such a thing as a world government, we would be better prepared."

What Gates does not make clear is how a global government would operate. It's long been said that a one world government would require a global currency, and Bill Gates even made headlines with a plan to implement a cashless system in multiple third-world countries.

Some conspiracy theories fear a New World Order would be conceived in secret, but it's possible such plans will march right out in the open. Would you be in favor of a global government where member nations operate like the states in the United States?