Glen Hochman Shoots Daughters, Self: Murder-Suicide Shocks New York Suburb

Glen Hochman, a former New York cop, killed his daughters and himself on Saturday afternoon. The recently retired police officer was dealing with problems in his marriage, and a divorce was possible, according to NBC News New York.

Glen Hochman was found dead in the garage of the family home around 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. His two teen daughters were found dead in their bedrooms. The man also killed at least one of the family dogs before turning the gun on himself.

It was reported by NBC News that Hochman’s wife, Anamarie Hochman, and their eldest daughter did not find the bodies of their family members on Saturday. They were not at home at the time. It was a neighbor that called 911 after hearing gunshots coming from the home.

David Chong, the White Plains public safety commissioner, spoke out about the incident at the Hochman home.

“The White Plains Police Department is shocked and horrified by the news of this tragic event. We can only pray for the Hochman family.”

Hochman served with the White Plains Police Department for 22 years, and it was reported that he received an award just last year for saving a man’s life. He kept a man alive until the paramedics arrived on scene.

Back in May, Hochman suffered an Achilles’ injury while helping a disabled motorist. According to his union lawyer, Warren Roth, he retired due to the injury. According to Mail Online, he spoke out about his friend to the media.

“It’s just devastating to a lot of people. He was always a quiet, reserved guy, nothing ever seemed to unsettle him… And he was wonderful with his daughters, a devoted father. That’s the scary part. There was absolutely no seeing this coming.”

Howard Hollander, a neighbor of the family, said the same when he spoke to the media. He said to KIRO TV that “there was no indication at all of any problem, that something like this would happen.”

As for his two daughters, they are now being mourned by the Harrison Central School District. Alissa Hochman was a 17-year-old senior at Harrison High School. Louis N. Wool, Ed.D, Superintendent of Schools with the school district, shared a statement on the district’s website after the tragedy.

“With great sadness our District mourns the death of high school senior Alissa Hochman, and her younger sister Deanna both lost to incomprehensible tragedy. The high school will open tomorrow starting at noon; support staff, faculty and administration will be available to assist students and families.

Our high school community has faced life shattering tragedies this year, each time they have risen and demonstrated a depth of character and an ethic of care that is inspiring, we can count on them for no less this time, this is a remarkable, generous and giving group of adults and young adults. In this awful moment, let us remember how proud we are of our faculty and students, and how much they have helped others, and how much they will help others again.”

Harrison High School opened its doors on noon on Sunday to allow students and staff access to grief counseling. One of Alissa’s teachers, Adam Burak, went to the school on Sunday, and he spoke with ABC News.

“Alissa is one of the reasons I got into teaching — she is one of the sweetest kids you could have, just a nice girl. She also had a love of hockey — we bonded over the New York Rangers, and that’s why I wore this shirt today.”

This crime has shocked more than the New York community of White Plains, New York. Many have shared this tragic story since news of the murder-suicide was released to the media. The crime is still being investigated. Police want to know why Glen Hochman killed himself and his two daughters on Saturday.

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