This Guy Just Torched His iPhone 6 For Fun [Video]

Have you ever wanted to wreck an iPhone 6 just to see what happens next but couldn’t afford the thousand bucks to do so? Worry no more. This guy on YouTube named TechRax does it for you every week. Every. Single. Week.

And he doesn’t just throw them off of a building or set them on fire. TechRax does it in some of the most creative ways possible. Over the past few months, since the release of the newest iPhone, TechRax has drilled, ironed, and melted brand new, fully-functioning iPhones every week just so he could see what happens after.

This week, he sends yet another iPhone to its demise by torching it using an Acetylene torch. Watch this $1,000 dollar phone get totally obliterated in this cringe-inducing viral video. Enjoy.

Here are more of TechRax’s iPhone videos.

[Image from TechRax/YouTube]