Demi Moore Passed Out After Taking “Whip-It” Hits Of Nitrous Oxide [Rumor]

Demi Moore’s visit to the hospital following a seizure is now believed to have been caused after the 49-year-old actress inhaled an overdose amount of nitrous oxide from “whip-it” shots, a popular high among teens and college students.

According to inside sources one of Demi Moore’s friends grew concerned when she began “shaking” and “acting like she was suffering from a seizure, that friend tells E! News that she called 911 after realizing the situation was growing worse.

Whip-it’s are often taken from whipped cream cannisters although it’s still not clear if that is how Demi Moore inhaled the nitrous oxide.

People points out that Moore’s recent history with substance abuse has been pointed to as one of the reasons her marriage to Ashton Kutcher may have fallen apart, a source speaking to the magazine notes:

“He wanted her to take care of herself and get a hold of things, and she wouldn’t.”

That same source goes on to point out that her family and friends have called her a “mess” and have begged her to get the help she needs.

Just take a look at the photo posted on this page and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Demi Moore and her stick figure of a left over body has been engaging pretty heavily in substance abuse.

The Demi Moore PR machine has offered very few details at this time.

Are you surprised to learn that Demi Moore’s actions may have been a large contributing factor to her divorce from Ashton Kutcher?