Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers Parody Video Goes Viral

A video of cats welcoming home soldiers from their deployments is going wildly viral. Though the video has been on YouTube since November, new attention has suddenly led it to go viral this week, and for good reason. Anyone who has ever loved a cat will recognize this attitude.

Numerous videos have gone viral, showing soldiers returning home, and the reactions of their loving family members, both the two-legged and the four-legged kind. We’ve seen soldiers surprise their families by popping out of a Christmas gift, or stepping out from behind Santa’s chair, or even showing up at a baseball game. We’ve seen a marine come home from years overseas to find his home renovated for him.

Oh, and we’ve seen the pets. Videos of dogs welcoming home their soldiers have brought viewers to tears. You can tell these dogs miss their human family members, and are all too happy to have them home.

Cats, though, we know are more aloof. How do cats welcome their soldiers home after a deployment? Well, one YouTuber, Kate Sidley, decided to find out. Watch the video below, and see whether cats welcome home their beloved humans in the way you’d expect after months apart.

Nine different cats show their soldiers a completely different level of affection and appreciation than what we see from the dogs. Sure, this is a parody, and filmed to be funny and ironic, but it’s a safe bet that getting these furry family members to perform appropriately wasn’t exactly a struggle. Keeping the affection on their own terms is definitely a standard skill for cats.

From simply ignoring their returning soldiers to actively turning and walking away, or squirming out of loving arms, cat after cat shows us how they really feel. One cat even squirms behind a couch cushion to avoid getting involved in a big, emotional greeting scene. Another backs away slowly, before turning to dart up the stairs, and still another simply walks past his returning soldier as though he isn’t even there.

If you want to witness a more friendly greeting, check out one of the original videos below, of dogs greeting their returning soldiers. They are definitely more open about showing their affection. You don’t see any of this cuddling, face-kissing, and tail-wagging from their feline counterparts.

Cats welcoming soldiers home has suddenly soared into viral territory, with over a million new views — but we’re betting the cats aren’t a bit impressed.