Watch Dramatic Moment Basketball Gets Stuck In Rim During Final Seconds Of Close Game

A dramatic video has been captured of a basketball game, where the ball gets stuck in the rim of a basket during the last few seconds of the tight competition.

The game, which had a score of 26 to 25, was the semi-finals of the Kansas Mid-East 8th Grade Basketball League tournament between the Rock Creek Mustangs (in black) and the Riley County Falcons (in white).

The ball got stuck after the team that was down by one point made an incredible shot, which landed the ball in its lofty position.

In the video, the tension becomes quite visible as players and members of the crowd wait with bated breaths to see if the ball would descend with one player, overcome by the drama, collapsing to the floor.

Take a look at the nail-biting moment that led to both a heartbreaking loss and a memorable triumph.

[Image via YouTube]