Esther Anderson Shows Exactly Why Moms Get Nothing Done In Adorable Video

To all the good parents out there, especially moms, your desire to raise good children is respected while your endeavors to maintain some form of order (and for some, a sense of sanity) are admired.

The Inquisitr understands that sometimes, moms don’t have all the answers, thus providing as much information possible on certain topics in parenting, especially the latest news on such. For example, for all the mothers who are concerned about feeding their newborns genetically modified organisms, there was a report on which baby formulas that use them in their products. On the chastisement side, a video was provided showing a way to discipline kids by having them hold books above their heads, a unique method that technically won’t get parents in trouble with the Child Protection Agency (CPA).

At times, parents simply need to smile (or laugh), possibly at situations or jokes that they can truly associate with, sort of like how Office Space was a funny movie but a lot funnier for those who work in an office environment. With that in mind, one mom took to making an adorable video on why moms get nothing done!

The adorable video was uploaded by Esther Anderson on her YouTube profile. Utilizing some extremely cute music, it shows a mother trying to do basic tasks around the house just to fail thanks to her baby daughter. In the initial scene, the mother tries to fold clothes and put them away in drawers only for her daughter to pull them out and scatter them across the floor. Another scene shows the mother trying to sweep the floor. It was all in vain as her daughter plays with the pile of dirt, spreading it around.

Probably the most adorable scene is when the mother is cleaning the outside of a sliding glass door while her daughter inside is about to make marks on the glass with her mouth. The mother tries her best to tell her daughter not to, just to fail. The gesture of defeat the mother expresses is just one of many she will endure, but will look forward to as her daughter grows.

Apparently, the video is a major hit on YouTube, with over 2 million views since its uploading on February 18. Not only that, but 6,500 people like the video. Finally, Esther’s video is currently No. 26 on the list for YouTube’s Most Popular.

Now that you’ve seen the video, what are your views? Does Esther Anderson truly capture why mothers seem to work their butt off but never get anything done?

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]