Dog Pack Attacks, Mauls Woman In Las Vegas

A woman was the victim of a vicious dog attack over the weekend in Las Vegas. According to a report by the Review Journal, the animal attack involved a pack of dogs that had gotten loose. The mauling of the woman left her in critical condition, according to police investigators.

The unnamed victim, 65, suffered severe injuries on Friday when she came under attack by dogs that, surprisingly, belonged to her neighbors. Nonetheless, according to family members, the victim is considering legal action in a civil court over the dog attack.

The incident took place in the morning hours in the front yard of the woman’s home. The woman shares the Vegas home with her 23-year-old daughter, Brenda Aguilar, her husband, and granddaughter. Aguilar said the woman home alone at the time she was mauled by the dogs.

According to the victim’s best recollection, she had just gone outside to warn a neighbor about a single dog that was roaming around without supervision from its owner. However, at the time, one of the smaller attack dogs in the pack began barking up a fuss, which attracted the attention of the others. They soon arrived, surrounded the woman, and unleashed an attack on her without provocation.

A neighbor, armed with a baseball bat and rocks, arrived to assist the woman, to no avail. He was bitten at least once on his arms. Clark County police officers arrived a short time later, while the attack was still in progress. After trying unsuccessfully to stop the dogs, police fired a fatal shot into one animal. The other three fled inside a front yard by squeezing through a hole in the fence.

Animal Control officers arrived and took the remaining three “pit bull mixed breeds” into custody. Their fate is unknown at this time.

The northeast Las Vegas woman was taken to a nearby hospital, where she underwent surgery to repair numerous wounds about her body. Doctors say she lost one arm and an eye from the dog pack attack. One of her surgeries lasted as much as seven hours, according to the woman’s daughter.

There is no information available about the dogs’ owners. However, neighbors say the tenants have only been residents in the area for about six months. Las Vegas police investigators have not indicated if criminal charges will be filed against the owners in the dog attack.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]