Best chance to see Comet Lulin is tonight

Comet Lulin, a comet first discovered by Taiwanese astronomers in 2008 will be at its brightest tonight (Feb 23) and visible for several days to come.

Comet Lulin will come within 61 million kilometers of earth before continuing on its voyage away.

The comet, described as a “strange, backward-traveling, greenish-hued ball of ice and gas” will be visible in the night sky towards west-southwest, to the right of Saturn between Virgo and Leo.

The comet is visible around the globe, but it’s no Comet McNaught in terms of visibility (you could see that comet with the sun still up). If you’re keen on checking Comet Lulin out, it will likely only be visible to the naked eye in dark areas. If you live in a high light area such as a city, you should be able to see it with binoculars, or a telescope.


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