Lindsey Graham To GOP: Obama Loves America, Don’t Defund DHS Over Immigration

Lindsay Graham hit the media circuit and patched up some of the ill-will created by his Republican colleagues. The senator appeared on ABC’s This Week and refuted claims by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani that President Obama doesn’t love America. Then, Graham warned the GOP that their threat to defund the Department of Homeland Security to prevent Obama’s immigration policies would be “disastrous” for the country.

Lindsey Graham went on This Week to criticize Obama, but didn’t want to be a divider. When asked about Giuliani’s comments, Graham admitted that Obama does love America.

“Well, I love Rudy, but I don’t want to go there. The nation’s very divided. President Obama has divided us more than he’s brought us together and I don’t want to add to that division. I have no doubt that he loves his country. I have no doubt that he’s a patriot. But his primary job as president of the United States is to defend this country and he’s failing miserably.”

How does Lindsey Graham believe Obama is failing the defend the nation? Mostly just with poor labeling.

Senator Graham went on to say, Obama’s defense issues stem from calling ISIS “violent extremists” instead of “Islamist terrorist.”

“They’ve adopted a theory of religion that’s 1,000 years old that requires a worldwide caliphate that will purify the Islamic religion, kill or convert every Christian and Jew and vegetarian in their way.”

Lindsey Graham isn’t the first conservative to accuse Obama of failing to call a spade a spade, but what many of the critics don’t seem to realize is the President is being pushed from both sides.

Army Lt. Gen. James Terry said at a press conference that the terrorist group commonly known as ISIS, or ISIL, or the Islamic State, should actually be called Daesh, out of respect to America’s Muslim allies in the war on terror. The allies feel that referring to the terrorist group as Islamic, or even Islamist, legitimizes their organization. Instead, the term “Daesh” is so belittling that the terrorist organization has whipped people heard using it.

Lindsey Graham and other conservatives might be putting Obama in a difficult spot deciding between their support and his coalition allies in the Middle East.

Senator Lindsey Graham has some criticism for the GOP on national defense issues, too. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives is threatening to withhold funding for the Department of Homeland Security unless President Obama withdraws some of his executive orders on immigration.

According to the Huffington Post, Lindsey Graham believes the GOP threat is dangerous and depriving the department of funds will put America in danger. More than that, Graham doesn’t see the standoff as particularly useful, since a judge in Texas imposed an injunction against the implementing Obama’s reform.

“I am willing and ready to pass a DHS funding bill and let this play out in court. The worst possible outcome for this nation is to defund the Department of Homeland Security given the multiple threats we face to our homeland. And I will not be part of that.”

Senator Lindsey Graham looks like he has to walk a difficult tight-rope for his political beliefs: going against his own party and the President to find the right compromise.

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