Watch The Torch Tower In Dubai Marina Blaze On Fire

Earlier on the Inquisitr, there was a report that Torch Tower was, ironically, ablaze in fire. According to the report, the fire broke out early Saturday morning on the 50th floor. It eventually spread upwards to engulf several levels. The fire was reportedly under control around 4:25 a.m. and, thankfully, no serious casualties were reported. Reportedly, only those who lived in unaffected apartments below where the fire started were allowed to return home later on that same day. Residents of upper levels will be unable to return for many days, as an investigation on how the Torch Tower blaze initiated.

It is a shame to read that such a blaze even happened, affecting many including those who lived in the apartments now turned into ash. However, it was surely a frightening spectacle for those who were there, as shown through a live video of the blaze making its rounds on YouTube.

As shown in the video attached above, Torch Tower looks as if a never-ending explosion is consistently happening, as cinders rain down upon spectators below. Jaime Müller was the one responsible for capturing the event, probably on her cellular device, and uploading it to her YouTube page. Apparently, nothing more needed to be said about the video, for what is seen speaks louder than any written word, as proven by the fact the video has over 1.25 million views since its uploading on February 20th. As a matter of fact, the video is on the Popular Right Now list by YouTube, currently sitting as the seventh most popular video on said list.

The peculiarity about the uploaded video is it brought out all the 9/11 conspiracy theorists and believers. In the comments below, people argue that the fire at Torch Tower was much bigger than the one that happened to the World Trade Center on 9/11, yet Torch Tower never collapsed. Other people did counter the conspiracy theorists and believers, stating that the World Trade Center was hit with planes, causing impact explosions, while Torch Tower started with a fire that spread upwards.

[Image via Warren Little/Getty Images]