Watch Hilarious Mass Pileup in Estonian Cross Country Ski Competition

A video has emerged showing Estonian skiers just as they faced a hilarious chain-reaction mass pileup.

The viral footage was captured on Saturday in Lipuväljak, at the bottom of a downhill slope in Estonia’s Tartu Maraton cross-country skiing event.

In the video, the pileup started with a few skiers stumbling and tripping over each other, but soon, dozens of competitors heading down the slope began gliding towards an inevitable doom.

The incident reportedly took place half a mile into the race, which has been held for more than 50 years.

The person who filmed the pileup described the Tartu Maraton as “the biggest sporting event in Estonia,” stating that “every Estonian wants to race in this competition once in her lifetime.”

Well, of the 50 years, this one is for the books.

[Image via YouTube]