‘Survivor’ 2015 Spoilers: An Interesting Twist Lies Ahead For ‘Worlds Apart’ Starting Wednesday

Everyone has been waiting for it to start again and the 30th season of Survivor will begin on Wednesday, February 25, with “Worlds Apart.” An all-new cast will take part in all the games, tasks, and risks in the 15th year for the highly successful show. With that, it’s time to look at things you need to know for Survivor: Worlds Apart and some spoilers as well.

Please let it be known that there are possible SPOILERS ahead for the upcoming season of Survivor. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Here are some things to know before the 30th season of Survivor begins on Wednesday.

VC Post reported that there are three main cast members to pay attention to, most of all. One is Will Sim II who became known for singing The Eurythmics and Bon Jovi at a gas station on The Tonight Show. There is Sierra Dawn Thomas who is a professional barrel racer. Last, but not least, is Max Dawson, who taught a “Survivor” course at Northwestern University.

Jeff Probst already named the three tribes that would face one another in this season, and they are the Blue Collar, White Collar, and No Collar.

“White Collars are the people who basically in life obtained education, opt to work in an office environment, wear a suit-they make the rules.

“Blue Collar is the heart of America. They typically work outdoors. They wear a uniform. They work with their hands. They follow the rules. And that No Collars are the people who break the rules. They don’t go by convention. They don’t care about the status quo,.”

Probst has said that this is going to be one of his favorite seasons ever of Survivor, and it was shot last summer in Nicaragua. Here are some other details for the upcoming season that Survivor Fever has provided.

  • 9 males
  • 9 females
  • No returning players – All new contestants
  • Yellow Tribe – White Collar
  • Red Tribe – No Collar
  • Blue Tribe – Blue Collar
  • Shipwreck-themed Tribal Council

survivor worlds apart spoilers

Escameca – Blue Collar

  • Rodney Lavoie, Jr.
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas
  • Mike Holloway
  • Lindsey Cascaddan
  • Kelly Remington
  • Dan Foley
    survivor worlds apart spoilers

Nagarote – No Collar

  • Jenn Brown
  • Hali Ford
  • Joseph Anglim
  • Nina Poersch
  • Vince Sly
  • Will Sims

survivor worlds apart spoilers

Masaya – White Collar

  • Carolyn Rivera
  • Joaquin Souberbielle
  • Max Dawson
  • So Kim
  • Shirin Oskooi
  • Tyler Frederickson

Season 30 of Survivor doesn’t have a lot of spoilers out yet, but fans will see those who “make the rules” battle those who “follow the rules” and against those who “break the rules. Survivor: Worlds Apart is looking like it will be yet another exciting season of drama, action, and pure survival.

[Image via CBS]