Kelly Clarkson Slammed For Baby Weight Gain By What British TV Personality?

Zachary Volkert

Kelly Clarkson had a pretty enviable career arc as far as reality TV show winners go. Kelly enjoyed a career that few later American Idol contestants -- outside of perhaps Carrie Underwood -- have been able to top. Of course, that notoriety comes with its consequences, especially with the acerbic mouths of television personalities like Katie Hopkins at the ready.

— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) February 20, 2015

— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) February 20, 2015

"You know Kelly's a big girl. She's always been able to defend herself and take up for herself. But if there's any slack needed to be taken up, I'll be there for her in a heartbeat."

Do you think Katie Hopkins' comments about Kelly Clarkson were out of line?

[Image via Jo Hale/Getty Images]