Kelly Clarkson Slammed For Baby Weight Gain By What British TV Personality?

Kelly Clarkson had a pretty enviable career arc as far as reality TV show winners go. Kelly enjoyed a career that few later American Idol contestants -- outside of perhaps Carrie Underwood -- have been able to top. Of course, that notoriety comes with its consequences, especially with the acerbic mouths of television personalities like Katie Hopkins at the ready.

While it's true Kelly has put on some weight, fans were quick to point out that she gave birth to her birth child, River Rose, only 9 months ago. That, however, didn't get Clarkson off the hook from Katie. While tearing apart Kelly for her weight, she also blasted society's "cute names" for excess fat.Despite a huge backlash from Clarkson's fans over the posts, Hopkins mocked another Kelly -- this time Osbourne -- in her ruthless take-down of the Oscars ceremony. It appears, however, that despite the angered response of Kelly's fans, Katie if making no plans of making apologies for her comments anytime soon. Today Hopkins wrote another barbed tweet mocking the overweight.These comments hit especially hard on the heels of Clarkson's recent admission that she has been turned down by several big name performers when requesting to collaborate with them. Her stepmother-in-law, Reba McEntire, however, has stepped in to say that she thinks Clarkson is "the happiest I have ever seen her," but also pledged her support if she ever has any trouble dealing with detractors like Katie.
"You know Kelly's a big girl. She's always been able to defend herself and take up for herself. But if there's any slack needed to be taken up, I'll be there for her in a heartbeat."

Do you think Katie Hopkins' comments about Kelly Clarkson were out of line?

[Image via Jo Hale/Getty Images]