Nanny Sues Lindsay Lohan In Alleged Car Accident That Knocked Wheels Off Stroller

Lindsay Lohan spends more time in court these days then some judges and now she’s headed back to a West Hollywood court after a Nanny she nearly ran over in September 2010 filed a lawsuit this week.

According to a witness to the crime the nanny was walking across the street when Lindsay Lohan blew a red light in her Maserati and hit the nanny who was pushing a stroller through the intersection.

That same witness says 3 of the 4 wheels on the stroller flew off their foundation. Thankfully the baby wasn’t hurt in the collision but the nanny Nubia Del Carmen says she was injured and has therefore filed a lawsuit against Lohan.

According to the witness:

“She was in shock and Hispanic so she was scared.”

Not really sure what being hispanic had to do with the recollection of the story.

Carmen is asking for an undisclosed sum of money and since this wasn’t a criminal act it shouldn’t affect Lohan’s already awful standing with the California court system.

Are you surprised to learn that Lindsay Lohan nearly killed a nanny and a baby?