Pixar Releases New ‘Inside Out’ TV Spot, Introduces The Voices In Your Head [Video]

Disney and Pixar have released a new short TV spot for their upcoming movie, Inside Out. First introduced with a short commercial during the Puppy Bowl earlier this February, this new spot focuses more on the emotions living inside Riley’s head.

Inside Out focuses on Riley, who gets to deal with all the emotional turmoil associated with moving when her father gets a new job in San Francisco. She’s helped along by five emotions — Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness — who operate from a place in 11-year-old Riley’s mind called Headquarters. Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader and Phyllis Smith voice the crew of emotions, and are joined by Kaitlyn Dias and John Ratzenberger.

Though Inside Out stars Riley’s emotions, everyone has their own Headquarters. The TV spot provides a quick glimpse into the minds of Riley’s mother and father during an awkward moment at the dinner table as their own emotions attempt to sort out their own problems.

“We’re intercutting to show what’s going on inside each of their heads behind the scenes. What seems like a simple family dinner is actually fraught with all sorts of emotional angst and drama,” said writer-director Pete Docter in an interview with USA Today.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens inside your head when you get brain freeze, the spot shows you that, too.

The movie’s synopsis hints that the movie will primarily be about Riley’s struggle to adapt to a new life, portraying the stress of her new situation as tension between her emotions.

“The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley’s mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, turmoil ensues in Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley’s main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.”

The year 2015 should be an exciting one for Pixar fans. Inside Out comes out this year, but it will be joined later by The Good Dinosaur in November. The Good Dinosaur was initially slated for 2014, but was delayed.

As much as Inside Out revolves around Riley’s troubles, her parents are set to play a big role in the film as well. Docter explained that he also wanted Riley to be seen through her parents’ eyes, a perspective aided by the fact that Docter himself is a father.

“I started out doing a film about growing up, but it turned out it’s a film about me watching my kids grow up. These parents are realizing that their kid is changing. That’s difficult. But it is a part of life.”

Inside Out is expected to be released on June 19.