Juatasha Denton, Ray McCaster: Springfield, Illinois, Dismemberment Murder Case Featured On TV One's Crime Documentary

Traciy Reyes

The Juatasha Denton-Ray McCaster dismemberment murder case will air on March 2 on TV One's crime documentary Fatal Attraction. The true-crime documentary will chronicle Juatasha Denton's unhappy marriage to Norman Raymel McCaster, and how she plotted the death of a man she once loved. It is a gruesome, dark tale of love gone wrong.

The real story hit media headlines in October 2012, after the body of an African American male was found dismembered in a field. The two men who happened upon the body called police at around 6 p.m. Once police were called to the scene near Mechanicsberg in the 600 block of Griffiths Creek Rd, they found the victim without a head, and without arms and feet, according to The State Journal Register.

He was later identified as 22-year old Norman Ramel McCaster, aka Ray McCaster. There was no weapon found at the scene, and authorities knew right away that the killing had taken place somewhere else, and that the body was dismembered and dumped in that location to hide the victim's identity. Two Walmart receipts found about 30 feet away from the body led police to the man's wife, Juatasha Denton.

An investigation into the background of the couple painted a picture of a troubled marriage. Investigators say Juatasha had grown discontent with her husband and wanted out of the marriage once and for all. Instead of filing for divorce, she carefully and strategically planned her husband's death.

A search of her computer yielded a wealth of evidence, such as Google searches for 'ways to kill someone and not get caught,' 'poison tasteless but deadly, ' and 'how much Visine does it take to kill.' Searches for certain supplies to carry out the bizarre killing were also found on her home computer.

Juatasha Denton's credit card records and the testimony of a classmate, who claimed to have loaned her a gun, sealed her fate. She was arrested for murder and was also charged with obstruction of justice and concealing a homicidal death. In court, prosecutors told the jury that they believe that Juatasha Denton shot and killed her husband with a Ruger 380 gun before dismembering the body. A jury found her guilty of murder and sentenced her to 78 years in prison.

The dramatization will follow all of the salacious details of the couple's troubled marriage all the way up to his gruesome murder. The crime is reminiscent of another Fatal Attraction episode that was shown earlier last month about the case of Manny Salado. In that case, his wife, Exondia Salado, killed her husband and cut up his body.

Here is the tease for the Juatasha Denton-Ray McCaster Fatal Attraction episode.

"For Juatasha Denton, failure was not in her vocabulary especially as a 24-year-old student at the University of Illinois Springfield. She always got what she wanted in life and love, and what she wanted most was Ray McCaster. When innocent flirtations turned into full-blown romance, they ended up tying the knot. One night, their happy world of married bliss is shattered when Juatasha began sharing her unhappy thoughts and future plans on the internet. Watch as investigators uncover a secret so dark it may just have brought the young lovers on a collision course with evil."

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