Laser Hair Removal System For Women With Darker Skin Tones Introduced

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been popular with celebrities for quite some time now, as reported by E! Online, a publication that details how stars utilize laser hair removal to permanently get rid of unwanted hair in their bikini area, under their arms, and on their legs in order to get red carpet ready. The effects of laser hair removal come into play when the laser zaps the hair follicles to help remove the hair for good, and keep it from growing back. It isn’t a one-time process, though, and customers that undergo the laser hair removal treatments within spas and other facilities find that each treatment can run approximately $250, and require up to seven sessions in order to experience hair loss that lasts.

Not a big fan of body hair, this journalist recently opted to purchase the TRIAHair Removal Laser Precision – Dove” from Ulta, once a 20% off coupon landed in her inbox in order to defray some of its $299 cost. After all, at-home laser hair removal is less expensive in the long run than getting those same treatments done for thousands of dollars at spas. According to the product decscription, the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision contains the type of laser hair removal technology that doctors prefer at levels strong enough to make a difference. One unknown was whether the laser hair removal system would work on some kind-of fair African-American skin. Products like those come with a sort of colorful skin swatch legend that lets users know if their skin is too dark, they shouldn’t use the laser. In fact, the Tria won’t even turn on until users activate it at home and ensure — by holding it against their skin — that they are fair enough for safe use. Talk about harkening back to the brown paper bag tests of olden days.

Either way, this writer was thankful the Tria turned on, and was surprised at the level of shock that even the lowest setting of the at-home laser therapy offers. However, as time goes on and more hair follicles are killed, the pain should subside. According to Latina, women with darker skin tones now also have a laser hair removal system that can be used, called the GentleMax Pro Laser, but it’s only available at the time as a service that can be received via a dermatologist’s office.

With stars like Kim Kardashian making laser hair removal uber-popular, it’s no wonder that laser hair removal systems on Amazon are growing in popularity. Either way, smooth and hairless skin is a lot more desirous than the ingrown hair grossness that one man encountered recently, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via the Winsdor Star]