Galveston Beach: Dead Body Of Unidentified Man Found With Gunshot Wound To Head

Galveston Beach-goers were in for a shock on Sunday morning when news spread that the body of a dead man was found on the beach. 12 News Now is reporting that Galveston police are looking for clues as to the identity of a man who was found on Galveston Beach in the High Island-Gilchrist area along the Bolivar Peninsula.

Police were dispatched to the beach, where they found the body of what appeared to be a Hispanic male who looked to be in his mid 40s. The only identifying characteristic on the man was a tattoo on his right forearm. The body was discovered at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, February 22, 2014. Law enforcement officials have not released a photo or a description of the tattoo.

An examination of the body confirms that the victim was shot in the head and the back. He was also bound. Police have not indicated whether the man was murdered at the beach location or at a different location. They hope that the man will be quickly identified.

Galveston County Sheriff’s Department is asking for anyone with information about the case to contact them at 409-766-2322.

There have been some grumblings concerning where the body was found. Some residents who passed the scene insist that the actual location is closer to Gilchrist. Here is what some residents are saying about the crime.

“So sad. It doesn’t matter where the body was found…its still sad!”

“My my my this is very very scary.”

“OMG, I’m on my way home from Galveston right now. Scary.”

The story is reminiscent of another story that is making headlines today. TheInquisitr reported earlier that the body of John David Watson Jr. was found with a gunshot wound to the head after he vanished one evening while running errands on his bike for his mother. In that case, the body was mysteriously found by his his brother and sister. Police had no motive and few clues in that case, until they arrested a childhood friend named Joseph Leos this week—over 40 years after the murder. John Watson Jr.’s family was shocked to find out that Joseph Leos was the killer. Please check back as we update this ‘body found Galveston Beach story.’

[Photo Credit: YouTube]