‘Walking Dead’ Leak: South African Network Reportedly Airs S5E12 Preview Instead Of S5E11 [Video]

News of a Walking Dead leak has fans scrambling to get a glimpse of next week’s episode of the show before this week’s episode even airs. It seems that a South African network may have accidentally aired the preview of Season 5, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead instead of the Season 5, Episode 11 preview that should have aired. It’s only a peek at the next episode, and if it’s truly the S5E12 preview, it will air tonight after S5E11 airs — but it’s still a peek at the future, and Walking Dead fans are eating it up.

The 10th episode of Season 5 aired a week ago, Sunday February 15. Afterward, most audiences viewed the promo below — a teaser for Walking Dead’s 11th episode in Season 5.

However, according to The Walking Dead And More, a South African network aired the following instead.

The brief preview, with its poor sound quality and glare, may have been recorded by pointing a camera at the television screen, but it bears every appearance of being a legitimate preview, and to have actually aired in advance of S5E11, instead of after.

The preview gives glimpses, without much context, of several scenes. (Comic readers think we may be seeing the group enter the Alexandria Safe Zone.) It opens with Rick and his group entering a fence and approaching a large house, followed by Rick entering a living room scene. Then there’s Rick approaching Daryl as he sits against what may be a porch rail with his knees pulled up to his chest — perhaps exhibiting the depression that we’ve heard may be a real struggle for Daryl after he lost Beth in Walking Dead’s Season 5 mid-season finale. (We’ve already gotten a taste of this in S5E10, but this may be a hint that Daryl isn’t going to snap out of it anytime soon).

There are also several seconds of footage showing Carl stepping through a a doorway while pulling out a large knife, then approaching a closed door, and opening it slowly, with a heavy air of preparedness — a hint that there’s something pretty serious coming behind the door?

If this is, as it appears, really the Walking Dead S5E12 preview, we’ll see what it all adds up to next week. In the meantime, fans are waiting for tonight’s episode to see how the newest character, Aaron, is going to fit in with the group — and comic book readers are waiting to see how closely he’ll mirror the drawn version of his character. (He tells EW that he’s got some artistic freedom with that, but that he is drawing on insights from reading the comics).

Walking Dead S5E11 airs tonight, starting at 9 p.m. eastern time, and the episode depicted in the leak will air next week.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]