Chelsea Houska's Boyfriend Bonds With Her Daughter

Chelsea Houska and her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, appear to be getting serious. On Sunday afternoon, the Teen Mom 2 star shared a photo of DeBoer bonding with her 5-year-old daughter, Aubree.

In the photo, posted online on February 22, DeBoer is seen smiling at the camera with Houska's daughter on his shoulders.

In the comment section of the photo, a few fans disagreed with Houska's decision to share photos of Aubree with her new boyfriend, since she got mad when Aubree's father allowed his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, to do the same. However, other fans insisted that Houska's relationship is much more serious than Lind's constant stream of women.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer began dating in August 2014, years after Houska's relationship with Lind came to an end. After running into each other a handful of times, Houska and DeBoer began their relationship and quickly went public, sharing photos of one another on their social media pages.

Since then, things with Houska and DeBoer appear to be moving quickly. Although the couple don't seem to be living together, DeBoer spends tons of time with Houska and her daughter, and helps out around her home when needed.

Earlier this year, as the Inquisitr reported, rumors claimed Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer were on the verge of getting engaged. However, in an interview with Radar Online, a source claimed that was not the case.

"She's not getting engaged any time soon. They're not living together, either. They are having fun and taking things slow— unlike Adam and his girlfriends!"

As fans have seen on Teen Mom 2, Lind has gone through a ton of women since splitting from Houska years ago. First, it was Halbur, who Lind began dating and later had a child with. Then, since he and Halbur split last summer, he has dated at least two more women, including Jessica Nicole and Brooke Beaton.

Houska, on the other hand, stayed single until she met DeBoer, a 25-year-old traffic control specialist, who is said to be the "complete opposite" of Lind.

"Cole is the anti-Adam! He treats Chelsea great and Aubree loves him too."

While DeBoer hasn't yet been seen on Teen Mom 2, fans will likely be meeting him soon, as Houska has been filming for the upcoming season of the MTV reality show for the last several weeks.

For more Chelsea Houska, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6 when it premieres on MTV later this year.

[Photo via Instagram]