Queens Of Pop Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Star In Fake Tabloid Story

The media loves pitting two strong females like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift against each other for page views. Hollywood Life started a story about a possible cat fight between Perry and Swift at an Oscars party.

“Uh oh! Will Katy and Taylor’s claws come out for the Oscars? Both singers got invited to the same Oscars party, and now organizers are freaking out that there might be a ‘cat fight’ during Hollywood’s biggest night.”

The story was picked up by many other media sources. The one main problem is that it appears this story has been completely fabricated. Gossip Cop spreads the truth about the false Oscars story.

“Oscar parties organizers were NEVER concerned about a Katy Perry and Taylor Swift run-in, despite an entirely made-up story. Gossip Cop can bust this wholly fabricated claim, which was never based on any actual reporting, but rather was manufactured from the start.”

Gossip Cop, a site known for cutting down tabloid stories, turns harsher towards the originator of the false story.

“First off, anyone who reports about celebrities knows Swift is in England, ahead of the Brit Awards on Wednesday. So she was NEVER, as in NEVER EVER, slated to be at any Oscar parties, and anyone who might have wanted to invite her was well-apprised of that. In fact, the only ones who don’t know Swift is in England are the people at HollywoodLife, who instead of fact-checking seem to spend more time creating fake stories about stars.”

A couple weeks back, Us Magazine fanned the flames of the supposed Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud by describing how the two crossed paths at the Grammy Awards.

“The two frenemies were dangerously close to one another at the Grammys. According to eyewitnesses, Perry walked directly past Swift’s seat during the show. The ‘Style’ singer avoided a confrontation by staying glued to her cell phone — keeping her eyes on her screen, typing away and not looking up as Perry brushed past her.”

Katy Perry seems to star in a lot of pop star feud stories, although Perry’s feud with Lady Gaga seems to be legit. After Lady Gaga bashed Perry for supposedly copying her tour outfit, Perry gave a subtle dig towards Gaga’s relationship with her fans in Rolling Stone.

“I’m not, like, a crazy ‘I’m gonna die for my fans’ type. Some people are so dramatic about it, and you’re like, Honestly, you’re not the Second Coming. You’re just an entertainer!”

It will be interesting to see who the media pits Perry against next. However, Katy Perry is probably taking the catfight stories with a grain of salt and laughing her way all the way to the bank.

[Image Source: YouTube Screen Capture]