Jen Selter, Butt Queen, And Her Mom Post Mother-Daughter Skimpy Bikini Shot — Internet Goes Crazy

Jen Selter, the internet butt queen, has been famous for a little more than a year, since January 2014 when the New York Post discovered her Instagram account and published an article about Selter and her sculpted derriere, launching Selter’s career as a “fitness model” literally overnight.

Now, Jen Selter is getting her own mom in on the act, posting a mother-daughter bikini shot to her own Instagram account, showing 21-year-old Jen Selter and her 47-year-old mom Jill Selter both displaying the results of the Selter workout routine.

With a fast 243,000 Instagram “likes,” the mom and daughter skimpy bikini pose quickly became one if the most popular pics that Jen Selter has posted so far in 2015.

Jen Selter says she is her mom’s personal trainer, and that Jill works out at the gym five times per week. The results are evident, as the now-viral pic of the mother-daughter team in matching white bikinis demonstrates.

Jen Selter mom and daughter bikini shot

Jill Selter also posted a solo shot of herself to her own Instagram account, which, with 136,000 followers, has an impressive fandom, even if mom lags well behind her daughter Jen, who has assembled an Instagram army of 5.4 million.

“I was ‘skinny fat’ – skinny on the outside but on the inside had very poor eating habits and had no motivation to go to the gym,” Jill Selter told Yahoo! Health in an interview this week. “I never had a balanced meal, was always snacking on chocolate Goobers throughout the day and eating late at night.”

The mom of two says that her daughter abolished those unhealthy items from her diet and inspired her to hit the gym — transforming her very existence.

“Age is only a number and should not limit us from living a healthy life or reaching our physical goals,” Jill said. “I have more energy, I’m more focused and can now at 47 years old confidently post pictures of myself on social media to inspire others my age.”

Jen Selter was already a certified Instagram sensation with 1.2 million followers before the Post even caught up to her — all thanks to her seemingly endless series of “belfies,” that is, photos that place their focus on their subject’s buttocks.

Selter has posted dozens, maybe hundreds, highlighting her butt in short shorts, bikini bottoms, and skin-tight leggings. But her latest “belfie” takes a more elegant approach.

Jen Selter latest butt shot

That one just went up on Friday and already has 242,000 “likes” and more than 4,700 comments.

Selter has also taken to posting belfies for special occasions, such as this shot, which she posted to her Instagram on February 1 — Super Bowl Sunday.

Jen Selter Super Bowl Butt shot

But despite all the attention she has received for developing her own butt, transforming her mom appears to the proudest achievement in the short career of Jen Selter.

[Images: Jen Selter Instagram]