Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Adrian Peterson Has Not Asked For Trade, But Future With Vikings Is Uncertain

Dallas Cowboys Adrian Peterson Trade Vikings

Word starting flying around late Saturday evening that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson wanted a trade from his current team. Making things even more specific is that he reportedly wanted a trade to the Dallas Cowboys, but it is now being said that he hasn’t asked for a trade at all.

Bleacher Report stated that Adrian Peterson’s future with the Vikings is uncertain at this point, and that was made even clearer when he requested a trade from the team. Making matters even tougher on the franchise is that he requested a trade ideally to the Dallas Cowboys.

Well, the Sporting News is now stating that the early reports are actually false. While there may be some intentions behind it all, Peterson has not yet actually requested a trade. He has not spoken with Vikings general manager Rick Spielman about leaving the team.

When Peterson spoke with ESPN a while back about his status with the Vikings, he said that he was “still uneasy” about going back to the team. He believes that when he was charged with child abuse, the team turned their backs on him.

“There were people (in the organization) that I trusted, who knew exactly what was said, that weren’t heard from in the decision-making process. They weren’t able to do anything about it,” Peterson told ESPN.

Many of the major sports outlets have been talking about the Dallas Cowboys this season and how their running back situation may be in 2015. DeMarco Murray, who is coming off of a career season, may be on his way out, but who will replace him?

Peterson has been one of those names mentioned over and over again, but Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks is another that’s been brought up. Now, some wonder if Lynch will come back at all since he’s hinted to some that he may retire.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer recently did a televised interview in which he said that Peterson is still under contract with the team and he would like him back this season. If he is to go elsewhere, he would need to be traded or cut loose, and Zimmer hopes that doesn’t happen.

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best running backs in the NFL, but their focus may be more on wide receiver Dez Bryant. If they end up parting ways with Murray, would they go after Adrian Peterson? Rumors don’t materialize out of thin air, so there may be mutual interest.

[Image via The Sports Post]