‘That Baby Would Rather Be Dead,’ Claims Woman Who Attempted To Strangle 1-Year-Old In Pharmacy [Video]

A woman shopping in a London pharmacy with her 1-year-old child was shocked when a woman grabbed the boy’s throat, proclaiming that the child wanted to die.

The assault was initiated by a 60-year-old woman in the pharmacy as the mother was looking at an item on a shelf while the child was in arms reach. She did not expect the elderly woman to attempt to strangle her son in the pharmacy, but acted quickly to save her son from harm. The incident let the mother shaken and traumatized. Security was quick to respond and escorted the assailant out of the building. Police are currently looking for the elderly woman for further questioning.

According to Metro, the unsuspecting mother was casually shopping at Boots on the Strand, located in Central London, with her 1-year-old son in tow. She was taking her time while browsing the shelves for the items she needed to purchase. At the same time, an elderly woman walked into the pharmacy and wandered through the aisles. Security noticed her enter and quickly became suspicious of her meandering. Their suspicion was proven when the elderly woman approached the 1-year-old child and began to strangle him.

The mother of the child reacted quickly and pulled the woman away, saving her child from further harm. Security guards arrived just after the mother intervened and escorted the elderly attacker out of the pharmacy. On her way out, the woman proclaimed that the child wanted to die.

“That baby would rather be dead.”

Other patrons in the store were shocked at the incident, and the child’s mother was shaken and felt traumatized after the life of her child was threatened.

The New York Daily News shared the description of the elderly attacker. Suspected to be in her early 60s, the woman is described to be of a “chubby build” and had a “boil or eye deformity on her face.” She was wearing a striped poncho, boots, and a deerstalker hat. Other than the vague description, police don’t have any more information on the mysterious woman and are looking for anyone with additional details that might lead to her apprehension.


It is unknown why security escorted the elderly woman out of the store, rather than securing her until police arrived for further questioning.

The woman was last seen walking off toward Trafalgar Square.

The young boy was not seriously harmed and is expected to fully recover from the attack, as is the traumatized mother.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]