Deputy Arrested For Abusing Boy Handcuffed To Pole, Beats And Electrocutes Him

Alton Walker

Generally, when deputies sign on to be a part of any police department, they take an oath to uphold the law, which includes protecting the innocent. Yet, there are those who abuse the authority they are granted, often through police brutality.

The Inquisitr reported on such news, the latest being a video of an officer cuffing a man, accused of carjacking, and beating him up. Still, it should be noted that police brutality in general has dropped ever since officers started to wear cameras.

Despite the decline, police brutality is still present. Reports now show that a deputy in Richmond County, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly handcuffing a boy to a basketball pole as well as beating and electrocuting him.

According to WRDW News 12 and followed-up by Infowars, Alton Walker is accused of going to a house of a friend — a mother — to provide discipline to her unruly 12-year-old boy on Tuesday. Apparently, the mother asked Walker to help protect her boy from new friends, individuals she deduced were bad influences. One afternoon, the mother agreed to have the deputy stop by her house while she worked once he was off duty. That is when the nightmare began. From a witness account, Walker slammed the boy against a building, fired a Taser, punched the boy in the face and stomach with a closed fist, and hit him with a metal baton. The witness also says the boy’s screaming is what got their attention.

Deputies responded to the call around 8 p.m. on Tuesday. After they gathered information, evidence, and talked with the District Attorney’s office, Alton Walker was detained with pending criminal charges. An arrest warrant has been obtained, and Walker now face charges of false imprisonment and cruelty to children in the first degree. Also, the fact that Walker represented himself as a Richmond County deputy means the warrant had to be signed by a Superior Court judge. Finally, Walker’s position as deputy was terminated, effective immediately.

As for the boy, his injuries were examined at the scene by EMS. Despite what the witness reports say about Alton Walker beating and electrocuting the boy, the only injuries EMS found were on the boy’s wrists, a result from the handcuffs holding him in place to the basketball pole.

Presently, the investigation is still ongoing. The Inquisitr will report on the latest happenings pertaining to this situation when it becomes available.

[Image via WRDW News 12]