'Clash Of Clans' Update: Sneak Peak Number 3

Yes, that is right, another Clash of Clans sneak peek was released this morning. Two other sneak peeks were revealed on Friday and Saturday. As every Clans fan knows, Supercell loves teasing its players.

The official Clash of Clans Facebook page has been keeping fans up to date with every new announcement. The first sneak peek informed players that level 13 cannons will be available. The cannons will be able to take more damage while dealing out some serious hits. In the forums, it was also announced the healers will no long trigger air traps.

On Saturday, the tease included a mostly cosmetic feature: clan badges can now be customized.

If you look closely, the small print states, "Upgrade your clan to level 2 to unlock this item." That gives players incentive to want to upgrade their clans. Everyone wants an intimidating badge, right? Well, maybe someone wants a pretty badge instead.

The second forum exclusive focused on troop mobility, "Clan Castle troop deployment is no longer prevented by tapping on obstacles or decorations."

So what about the third sneak peek? Well, Supercell says, "Soon your clan has full control of Clan Wars!"

Players can either opt in or opt out of a clan war. Be warned, the photo released by Supercell, states that your clan will see your decision.

"Choose if you prefer to be included of left out of Clan Wars. Your preference will be visible to other Clan members."

Anoushka, the staff member in charge of releasing the sneak peaks, had another forum exclusive tidbit for fans. Viewing another player's Village just got a little easier.

"See a preview image of any player's Village from their profile, without having to visit."

That may not seem like such a big deal, but one forum user by the name of Flareoneon was intrigued by the idea.

He commented on the sneak peek thread, "Sneak Peak #3f: Very interesting, excited to see just how much of the base is previewed."

There is no official announcement for when the full update will be released (though, I say it will happen within the next week). For now, Clash of Clans fans just have to be happy with the sneak peeks Supercell is releasing.

How do you like the sneak peeks so far? Is Supercell addressing the concerns of fans? Most importantly, what would you like to see get updating in Clash of Clans?

[Photo Courtesy of Supercell]