WWE News: Huge Update On CM Punk Lawsuit, Reason Why WWE Responded Revealed

CM Punk and Vince McMahon WWE Lawsuit

Earlier this week, the WWE Universe was shocked to hear the news of Dr. Chris Amann suing CM Punk and Colt Cabana for defamatory remarks, as well as a bad diagnosis of a staph infection. Since the initial lawsuit went public, the WWE responded to his lawsuit while also standing right behind their lead doctor in the process. In the response, the WWE made a video that came from the 2014 Royal Rumble.

On that day in late-January, CM Punk didn’t have a staph infection anymore. It was removed and this picture of his scar in December of 2014 proves that to be true. In an earlier article, I asked why the WWE was responding so swiftly. Punk said all of those comments on Colt Cabana’s podcast in November. It’s now late February.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE had a legitimate reason for firing back at CM Punk and Colt Cabana, but it wasn’t what the WWE Universe initially expected.

“There’s a reason this all came out. WWE lost round one to a guy they now believe beat them at their own game and they can’t say that so this is what they are doing. When they settled, they thought he had them dead to rights. Now they think he outworked them and they don’t take that as well.

“Thoughts about who wins the court case is missing the entire point. It’s never going to trial. It’s about revenge for them being worked into caving early. At least that’s their version. They have to use the doctor because they can’t sue. But they absolutely believe they are in the right.”

Since that is the case, the WWE will probably do anything they can to make sure they come out looking great in this lawsuit. Logically speaking, that’s the goal of any lawsuit — to win. That’s also the sign of a great company because they are standing by their lead doctor, even though there’s a chance Chris Amann was wrong.

Not every diagnose can exhibit accuracy and preciseness. They can try to be as close as possible, but sometimes the correct answer escapes a medical physician. Is the WWE right, or will CM Punk prove himself to be the only guy to take down WWE?

It’s way too early to tell. As Meltzer stated, this won’t go to court, but perhaps a settlement with a mediator is possible. Another thing Meltzer said was on point too: “It’s about revenge.” Revenge is the key term in this battle between a billion-dollar corporation, lead by Vince McMahon, and a Chicago-native who is about to make his debut in the UFC. However this shakes out, there’s a big chance it could get real ugly, real quick.

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