‘Destiny’ Update Won’t Save This ‘Halo’ Clone — Bungie Fails To Deliver

'Destiny' update fails to give us the game Bungie promised

No Destiny update is going to save this Halo clone from getting left collecting dust as soon as a better game comes along. By “better,” I mean a game which actually lives up to the hype its developer promised before it was released.

Destiny fails to give us those epic massive multiplayer battles that Bungie promised. Instead, it turned out to be just another grind-fest, even after months of updates. Sure, there are regular DLC packs which offer more battle maps and such, but even Halo fans know that the same thing over and over just gets old.

Kotaku says that with every Destiny update, the game moves further into forcing the gamer to play the way Bungie wants them to play. That isn’t fun.

It’s fun when you have options and a variety of ways to play the game, as any Grand Theft Auto veteran will tell you. Beyond Xur’s location, there is little to keep gamers coming back beyond the usual grind and hope of finally getting Gjallarhorn, the game’s ultimate weapon.

So far, the only options Destiny gives you are whether to play as a Titan, a Warlock, or a Hunter, and one of three skins on the exact same character: Human, Exo, or Awoken. The class is the only option you have which makes any real difference in how you play the game because the races don’t play any differently.

Why some gamers still love this title is a question I have yet to see an answer to. Even Saints Row 4, a game which I feel is greatly underappreciated because of the myriad of styles of gameplay available, offers more options and more deeply rewarding (free) upgrades than Destiny does.

There is a reason why some hardcore gamers have already beaten Destiny’s hardest settings in record time. No matter how many Destiny updates there are, it still has about the same number of options as most classic NES sidescrollers.

Forbes says that the Destiny story feels tacked on and poorly implemented, and will only take you the first 20 levels to complete, after which the game becomes a simplified grind-fest. While it’s fun enough with other players on hand to help with multiplayer raids, that doesn’t mean there is a variety of ways to get to the loot. It’s like a sci-fi fantasy version of Titanfall — does anyone play that anymore?

No matter how many times we see a Destiny update, it will never make the game good enough to keep you playing for years.

[Image via Edge-Online]