‘Fight Club 2’ Graphic Novel: First Six Pages Released, Is A Movie Sequel On The Way?

The Fight Club 2 graphic novel is on its way in a 10-issue series. This is evidenced by the reveal of the first six pages, which pick up 10 years after the events of the controversial blockbuster movie.

It’s difficult to explain the story of the original graphic novel or movie without spoilers, but the following is an attempt at it, but be aware that spoilers do lie ahead.

Fight Club was the story of “Jack,” a man who found himself bored to insanity with his relatively successful life. He started noticing the absurdities around him about the same time he came to know someone called Tyler Durden. The longer he knew Tyler, the more things around him bordered on insanity, and after several instances of strangers calling him “sir” and giving him free stuff, he came to a shocking revelation about Tyler.

This was when “Jack” realized that Marla Singer might actually be the solution to his suddenly chaotic life and decided to eliminate Tyler Durden, just before Project Mayhem came to a literally explosive end.

The Fight Club 2 graphic novel picks up with “Jack,” who now calls himself Sebastian, once again going about his life like most people. He now takes prescription medication and uses marijuana to help him stay centered. Apparently, Marla (now his wife) isn’t happy with their new life, and their son (a consequence of the “sport f***ing” in the first movie) is starting to sound like Tyler Durden and has taken up an interesting habit.

“Jack” and Marla’s son has started making gunpowder, a parallel to Tyler’s soap in the first movie (“With enough soap you can blow up just about anything”), and it seems that Tyler Durden isn’t dead after all. Apparently, the medication wasn’t enough.

As the Fight Club 2 graphic novel’s front cover explains, “some imaginary friends never go away.” This means Tyler was only a hallucination which at times took over as ‘Jack’s” personality.

'Fight Club 2' graphic novel could lead to a movie sequel.
'Fight Club 2' graphic novel could lead to a movie sequel about the return of Tyler Durden.

Could we see a sequel to the controversial movie eventually? Some may argue that the first movie was good enough and doesn’t need a sequel, but Hollywood doesn’t always leave things alone. If this Fight Club sequel ends up becoming a movie, it might be an ironic follow-up to a movie which clearly had messages of anti-commercialism throughout it.

The Fight Club 2 graphic novel’s first six pages have been released by Playboy, if you’re interested in reading it. The content is very NSFW, and pokes fun at a disorder brought to the public’s attention by Adalia Rose, a famous YouTube personality.

It looks like an unapologetic sequel to the Fight Club movie could be on its way, but we don’t know yet.

[Image via Aragec, Playboy]