Kate Upton Reveals Her Secrets: ‘I Don’t Have A Filter’

Kate Upton bared all in a stunning new blog post recently — all her secrets to beauty and wearing the right blend of makeup, that is.

Kate dished on some simple makeup tricks and more on Marie Claire’s website.

“Simple makeup has always worked best for me,” the blond bombshell said. “I grew up in Florida, and I think that may be part of the reason. I was really involved with showing horses, and that’s actually why I first wore makeup: Before the horse shows, my mom or older sister would help me put on lipstick or some eyeshadow. It was never about pageantry; it was a little confidence boost that helped me feel more put together.”

Upton continued, linking her beauty and style to her sense of humor.

“I’m a talker — and I don’t have a filter. Plus, I’m always smiling. I think if I walked into a room wearing neon or lots of makeup, people would be like, ‘Whoa, it’s all too much!’ So I tone down my makeup for balance.

Kate also was very forthright on photo retouching, claiming that by doing so, we’re sending the wrong message of beauty to the women of the world.

“Take Instagram. I want to post a #wokeuplikethis photo and have it be what I actually look like waking up. If you’re touching up your photo or putting on makeup before taking a #wokeuplikethis picture, what does that say? If we all toned it down a bit, and weren’t retouching our own photos so much, that might send a message.”

Speaking of Instagram, the supermodel’s own account is usually littered with stunning pics of herself on location at photo shoots. But according to the Detroit Sun Times, a different kind of pic popped up on a joint account involving her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. Apprently, the MLB star needed some pointers from Kate for a photo shoot of his own down in Miami Beach.

Kate Upton Justin Verlander Miami Beach

With captions that read, “Kate giving Justin some tips while he does a photoshoot in Miami” and “in a role reversal Kate looks on as Justin does his own photo shoot on a Miami beach,” Upton was able to take her secrets to modeling and help Justin with his.

Though judging from the stunning photos of Kate Upton posed as Marilyn Monroe, as reported by Inquisitr, maybe it’s best if Justin Verlander leaves the modeling to her.

[Kate Upton photo credit Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images]