City Plan To Keep Road Called ‘Hitler’s Walk’ Axed Following Flood Of Complaints

When the Mevagissey Parish Council in Cornwall, UK unveiled its plan to upgrade a street called “Hitler’s Walk,” local residents and members of the Jewish community were understandably outraged.

The new planned sign received a massive number of complaints with people asking why a local council would want to name a road after the most notorious mass murderer of recent times.

The actual reason is that the pathway has been unofficially known by this name for decades and referred to an “over-zealous park warden,” who was jokingly likened to Hitler.

Harvey Kurzfield, of Kehillat Kernow, who represents the Jewish community of Cornwall, branded their plans to upgrade the “Hitler’s Walk” signs as “ludicrous,” saying he was “astonished and perplexed as to why anyone in this day and age would put up a sign like that.”

The British Liberal Democrat MP for St. Austell and Newquay, Stephen Gilbert, also chimed in on the controversial matter.


“This plan has caused huge offence to many people as well as attracting national and international condemnation and coming on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps it couldn’t have been more insensitive. I’m pleased that the parish council have abandoned the plan and I am sure that sentiment will be shared by everyone whose family, like mine, fought against the Nazis and all those who rightly remain horrified at the mass extermination of Jewish people, disabled people, gay people and others that Hitler is responsible for. Respect, humanity and decency has prevailed at the Parish Council and the plan has gone where it belongs, in the bin.”

A local councilor who originally supported the sign, John Daniel, recently told the Telegraph in Britain, “The name goes back to a time before the war when whoever was in the charge of the park was a bit authoritarian. It’s not offensive, it’s just what local people call it.”

Nevertheless, the “Hitler’s Walk” path has offended many people over the years, and the name will now officially be taken down once and for all.